Access control at St Paul’s Cathedral, Flinders St

St Paul’s Cathedral embraces a diverse community of parishioners in Melbourne, and is Victoria’s most visited sacred place, welcoming over 400,000 visitors a year. 

Earlier this year, a BMW rammed through the entry of Maddington Church in Perth, causing severe damages. However, our Pneumatic Automatic Bollard (AB-PB168-900S) is an access control system and solution against high impact hostile vehicles, preventing such incidents to ever occur.

At Australian Bollards, public security and asset protection is always at the forefront of our attitudes which is why we have installed our Automatic Pneumatic Bollards at both the entrance and exit of St Paul’s Cathedral.


Our Pneumatic Automatic Bollards are designed and manufactured in Australia and engineered to PAS-68/IWA-14-1 industry standards to withstand high impact strength, guaranteeing reliability, and delivering fantastic protection.

Located on Flinders St, St Paul’s Cathedral sits across from one of the busiest railway stations in the Southern Hemisphere. With 1,500 trains and 110,000 commuters passing through each day, St Paul’s Cathedral demands high quality security and protection.

The Pneumatic Automatic Bollards can be controlled through an application which delivers 24/7 security and is programmed using an interchangeable timeframe to suit our clients’ requirements. This access control system can also be integrated with our automatic bollard systems, proving to be both flexible and adaptable in design.

At the entrance of St Paul’s Cathedral, access is granted through a pin pad which signals the Bollards to descend, allowing entry for those with permission to enter the premises. At the exit of the Cathedral, other Pneumatic Automatic Bollards are installed and activated by a sensor, guaranteeing a secure rise and fall for those leaving the grounds.

Australian Bollards’ Pneumatic Automatic Bollards are designed to control access to a site with a high-level security, guaranteeing pedestrian access whilst blocking the area to road traffic.

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Keep it safe. Keep it local. Keep it Australian made.

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