A Soft Approach to High Security Protection

Public safety is one of the top concerns when it comes to community places all across the country. Protecting infrastructure, people and the community is an important aspect when installing safety measures. Implementing our solutions to prevent incidents from happening is the sole purpose of our Spherical Event Bollards (AB-VBIED-MVBS).

AB-VBIED-MVBS bollards are ideal for events such as public parties, street events, celebrations, sports games, markets or seasonal events. Australian Bollards supply a range of sphere and square bollards in both granite & concrete to choose from to suit your requirements.

Our Event Bollards unique usability allows for them to be installed seamlessly through public areas, enforcing a soft approach to hard security. However, the smooth and gentle edges of these bollards does not take away from their high impact protection that can stop any vehicle from causing severe injury to people.

Many of these bollards can be customised to fit illuminated light functions. This increases the visibility and safety protection to the public and to passing vehicles. The versatile features of these bollards allow many types of protection to be created such as, flowerpot planter bollards. This variety is pleasing to the eye in a crowded city area without compromising its hard security. These bollards have also been installed at Chadstone shopping centre in Melbourne to provide an elegant look as well as being an effective hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) solution.

Event bollards make public safety easy. Australian Bollards’ products provide hard security as they can be customised to weigh from 500kg to 1.5 tons, depending on the protection needed for your event or community. We offer a range of sizes and shapes to suit any location, making our Event bollards the perfect solution.

As seen on Wall Street in America, similar bollards have been installed to provide hard security in pedestrian dense areas. They are modern, elegant and fit timelessly within areas that need a high level of security without compromising the city landscape. As they can be custom designed, these specific bollards are slanted to allow pedestrians to sit whilst being protected at all times.

Highly populated areas are prone to threats and vehicle collisions. With our Event Bollards, their high security protection will deter hostile vehicles and threats away from pedestrians. Because of the flexible use of our bollards, their design can be implemented into various locations. For instance, they can be used in alfresco dining and eatery areas that line parallel to roads to protect diners, as well as the infrastructure of local shops and restaurants.

Our AB-VBIED-MVBS bollards are engineered to save lives. They minimise the damage in the case of a vehicle collision or planned threat towards community dense areas. Here at Australian Bollards, we prioritise safety for every product we offer to ensure the utmost security for your event or location.

Ensure your community places are safe and protected with our Event Bollards, perfect for any location.


Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

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