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This bollard was designed to protect gas meters. Finished in powder coated grey, our gas meter bollard is sub-surfaced installed to energy providers specification.

*** Each Product can be custom made based on specific requirements.

Australian Bollards Gas Meter Bollard, is aesthetically pleasing and constructed from heavy duty, high strength 114mm galvanised steel, in either grey or yellow powder coated finish, with a linished finished stainless steel cap, all these surface and sub-surface bollards, are specifically designed to be backfilled with concrete, as required (suitable for removal and replacement, after concrete backfilling applications) fitted with a brand reflective safety tape for night viability.

Additionally to the already fitted reflective 3M warning safety tape at the head, these bollards come with a specific designed stainless steel cap, which fits (held in place by additional caulking) on the head of the bollard, after the concrete backfilling operation has been completed.

This concrete backfilling feature, is to provide additional protective strength and inertia resistance, to the specific nature of the asset requiring protection.

Our bollard is manufactured for installation as a protective barrier, which is typically found in instances around gas meters or at building corners that are beside or within a vehicle traffic lane, to have secure lateral protection in place.


If your gas meter is located less than 1 meter from your driveway, a permanent bollard must be installed to prevent any physical damage to the meter, to meet standard gas meter regulations.

Our Gas Meter Bollard complies with gas providers regulations such as (but not limited to):

  • - Multinet Gas
  • - AGL Energy
  • - Energy Australia
  • Origin Energy

Located as typically determined in instances as a requirement for adequate protection, for meter installations as determined by the service/utility provider, for meter’s is in driveways, parkways or high-traffic area where it could be damaged.

In these instances, as in accordance with the relevant applicable acts, regulations and standards such as (but not limited to) the:

  • -  Gas Act 1997

  • -  Gas Regulations 2012

  • - Energy Products (Safety and Efficiency) Act 2000

  • - Energy Products (Safety and Efficiency) Regulations 2012

  • - Energy Products (Safety and Efficiency) Proclamation 2012

  • - Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act 1995

  • Australian Standards for gas

  • Gas installation standard AS/NZS 5601

  • - Gas appliances standard AS 45XX Series

  • - Gas infrastructure standards AS/NZS 4645

  • - Gas supply standard AS 4564 (natural gas)

  • - Commercial propane and butane for heating purposes AS 4670 (LP gas).

  • - OHS Act 2004

  • - Environment Protection Act 1970

  • - OHS Regulations 2007

  • - Compliance Codes

  • - Australian Standards (AS)

  • - Codes of Practice

  • - Industry Standards

  • - WORKSAFE Guidance Notes

And or as determined by State and local building codes and utility providers, in accordance with those relevant applicable acts, regulations and standards and best industry practice, have specific regulations regarding placement of protection bollards, to ensure gas meters and pressure regulators are properly maintained and protected from damage or interference.

Always consult your local building department/ utility provider to ensure legal compliance with these regulations, to determine the placement/adequacy for of these bollards (protective barrier).

Caution should be exercised when installing bollards near existing underground utilities. Always call Dial before You Dig prior to any excavation works.

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Welcome to Australian Bollards, aesthetically pleasing architecturally designed, functional, high quality, strong and durable, “One Stop Shop” comprehensive range of products.

That provides you with the perfect economic and cost-effective, must have budget solution, for your specific needsOur Bollards are designed to protect Infrastructure, traffic management, car parking system & asset protection.

We design, manufacture, stock, install, deliver and maintain our bollards, to exacting specifications.

With complete attention to detail, to provide excellent protection, for personal, business commercial and or Federal, State or local council assets and security.

Since its inception in 1992, in excess of 22 years the Australian Bollards team, has successfully been providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, guiding many thousands of customers on the correct bollard selections, appropriate to their specific projects applications. 

Our Australian made and developed bollards, have come a long way from the simple rigid post construction of yesteryear and are ideal for a wide range of environments, application, uses and duty type options, in all Australia wide conditions.

 Our company prides itself in being innovative and solutions orientated Australian based manufacturer, working with Australia’s largest commercial and government authorities, providing services which range from bollards, handrails and general engineering services, to building maintenance from our experienced team, all over the country over the past twenty-three years, based on our two word philosophy of “Service & Quality”

They are all manufactured and installed, by our expertly trained and experienced professional installers.

Whether it be for:

Pedestrian & Vehicle Control Bollards

Medium Duty “Energy Absorbing” Control Bollard

Vehicle No Parking & No Entry Control Bollards

Medium or Heavy Duty “Energy Absorbing” Control Bollard

Property & Asset Protection Bollards

Heavy Duty “Energy Absorbing” Protecting Bollard

Security & Defence Bollards

High Duty “Impact Attack” Defence Bollard

Types of bollards:

Permanent bollards
Powder coated bollards
Galvanised steel bollards
Steel bollard, Stainless steel bollards 
Yellow bollards
Control Bollards
Protection bollards
Defence bollards
Security bollards
Safety bollards
Lighting bollards
Solar lighting bollards
Bollards with LED lights
Emergency bollards
Utility bollards
Bank bollards
High energy impact absorbing bollards
My space bollards
Shock absorbing bollards
Energy absorbing bollards
Fold down bollards
Lockable bollards
Flexible steel bollards
Bollard marine
Mooring bollards
Maritime bollards
Marine kidney bollard
Marine dock bollards Marine single bitt Bollards
Marine Double bitt bollards
Staghorn bollard
Marine cleats
Steel pipe bollards
Metal post bollards
Metal bollards
Outdoor bollards
Standalone bollards
Decorative bollards
Streetscape bollards
Movable bollards
Rising bollards
Heavy duty bollards
Medium duty bollards
Light duty bollards
Mitre top stainless steel bollards
Ball bollards
Large diameter ball bollards
Anti-ram bollards
Concreted heavy duty bollards
Ornamental bollards
Neck bollards
Round top bollards
Bowler bollards
Fin bollards
Casting bollards
Cast metal bollards
Outdoor cast metal bollards
Sand casting bollards
Casting steel bollards
Casting iron bollards
Ductile iron bollards
Cast iron decorative bollards
Cast iron traffic road bollards
Casting aluminium bollards
Flat top bollards
Round top stainless steel bollards
Rectangular bollards
Square bollards
Round bollards
Reflective stainless steel bollards
Warning bollards
Bollards and barriers
Road bollards
Road traffic bollards
Road traffic safety products
Road traffic equipment
Parking barrier system
Automatic rising bollard
Various types of bollards
U type safety bollards
Street security bollards
Aluminium bollards
Aluminium street bollards
High security bollards
Solid bollards

Action Types:

Fixed Bollards
Removable Bollards
Foldable Bollard, Retractable Bollards
Flexible Bollards
Rebounding Bollards

Mounting Types:

In Ground bollards
Below surface bollards
Below ground bollards, Embedded base bollards
Surface Bollards
Surface mounted Bollards
Above Surface Bollards, Bolt Down Bollards
Below Surface Bollards
Sub surface Bollards
Buried Bollards
Embedded Bollards

Control Types:

Manual Bollards
Semi-Automatic Bollards
Automatic Bollards

Locking Types:

Pad lockable Bollards
Key Lockable Bollards

In a range of application and locations from:

Unwanted access bollards
Traffic bollards
Parking bollards, Driver awareness bollards
Regulating pedestrian traffic flow bollards
Indicating & marking pedestrian walkways bollards
Indicating & marking hazard areas bollards
Restricting access bollards
Temporary access bollards
Vehicle access bollards
Illegal Parking deterrent bollards
Personalised reserve parking bollards
Designated parking spots bollards
Vehicle entrance point bollards
Vehicle exit point bollards
Barrier free passing bollards
Property protection bollards
Assets protection bollards
Security protection bollards
Parking space protection bollards
Frequent impact areas protection bollards
Boom gate protection bollards
Card reader stand protection bollards
Intercom stand protection bollards
RAM raiding attack bollards
High impact vulnerable zone bollards 
High energy impact zone bollards 
High risk area bollards
Road way access points bollards
Driveway bollards
Parking area bollards
Foot path bollards
Walk way bollards
Roller door bollards
Entry door bollards
Shop front bollards
Wash bay bollards
High voltage transformer bollards
Utility appliance bollards
Car park bollards
Public area bollards
Fast food drive way bollards
Gas meter bollards
Below ground car parking bollards
Indoor car parking bollards
Outdoor car parking bollards
Commercial car parking bollards
Private car parking bollards
Government car parking bollards
Multi-tenant car parking bollards
Apartment car parking bollards
Driveway bollards
Road bollards
Street bollards
Laneway bollards
Bicycle path bollard

We also manufacture and supply:

  • - Access Control System Housing stands for keypads, Intercoms, HID, Proximity, Swipe and Smart Card Readers.
  • - Car park safe and secure over car bonnet storage box cabinet lockers.
  • - Handrails.
  • - Steel staircases.
  • - Structural beams.
  • - Bike Racks.
  • - Bike hoops.
  • - Speed Humps.
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