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The APM Signage system allows companies to really showcase their brand. It can also display messages and images to customers. It can also be used as a good source of advertising. It brings a feel-good factor to customers. The system is located across major shopping centres throughout Victoria such as Chadstone, Doncaster and Melbourne Central.

The Automated Payment Machine System is a quick and easy ticketing payment solution by Skidata. It includes a HD and colour combine touch screen that gives the customer lots of information. It also easily allows you to pay for parking with cash or card.

They are all manufactured and installed, by our expertly trained and experienced professional installers.

 Our company prides itself in being innovative and solutions orientated Australian based manufacture, working with Australia’s largest commercial and government authorities, providing services which range from bollards, handrails and general engineering services, to building maintenance from our experienced team, all over the country over the past twenty three years, based on our two word philosophy of “Service & Quality”

We also manufacture and supply:

  • - Access Control System Housing stands for keypads, Intercoms, HID, Proximity, Swipe and Smart Card Readers.

  • - Car park safe and secure over car bonnet storage box cabinet lockers.

  • - Handrails.

  • - Steel staircases.

  • - Structural beams.

  • - Bike Racks.

  • - Bike hoops.

  • - Speed Humps.

  • - Wheel Stops.

  • - Boom gates.

  • - Security fencing.

  • - Variable Rate Boards.

  • - Convex Mirrors.

  • - Street furniture.