Australian Bollards’ W-Beam Railing - The Answer to Road Safety

In 2021, there were 1,127 road deaths across Australia, with the highest being drivers at 532 deaths. This is an unfortunate scenario but with Australian Bollards’ W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH) these events can be prevented.

Australian Bollards - W Beam

These railings were once known as ARMCO railings which stands for The American Rolling Mill Company (ARMCO). It was founded in 1900 by George M. Verity in Middletown, Ohio and they specialised in the manufacturing of iron and steel sheets. ARMCO railings were used in 1933 by the Sheffield Steel Corporation of Kansas to install across F1 racing circuits to save the lives of drivers and spectators in case of a crash. Now many companies across Australia are saving lives and minimising damage with W-Beam Railings, just like Australian Bollards.

The W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH) is an item that is constructed from galvanised steel and is used as a flexible protection barrier.

They can be used along roads, commonly on freeways and highways, but can also be used for car parks, column protection and protecting gas tanks. They are also highly durable and corrosion resistant. This way, people can feel reassured that there’s the appropriate protection on the roads for their safety in case of a collision.

The W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH) can be installed on flat and curved surfaces without its strength and safety being compromised. It spreads the impact of a collision along the sections of the beam, allowing it to absorb high and heavy impacts. W-Beam Railings are a form of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) that prevents unintentional or intentional collisions. Having this type of protection installed can help reduce the death toll on our roads.


Australian Bollards take safety very seriously, that’s why we provide many options for our W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH). They can be installed as a double or triple height barrier, allowing for a higher surface area protection, as an alternative to the standard single height barrier.

The W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH) can be custom made on request for specific project requirements. They also provide multiple types of endings for their W-Beams to suit any situation. These include fishtail ends, 90 degree corner ends, bullnose ends, C ends, 45 degree corner ends and stubbynose ends.

An important aspect of Australian Bollards’ W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH) is it allows for extensions such as, a Sequential Kinking Terminal End (AB-MSKT-TL03) and the Rhino Crash Rail System (AB-RCS). These can be interfaced with the W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH) to ensure quality protection. They have been crashed tested and can withstand an impact of 1.5 tons.

The W-Beam Railings (AB-BSH) are manufactured by Australian Bollards to help save lives and minimise the severity of car collisions on our roads.

Ensure Australian roads are safe and protected with our W-Beam Railing (AB-BSH).

Keep it Safe. Keep it Local. Keep it Australian Made.

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